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Moen vs Delta: Comparing Two Plumbing Giants

When installing a new kitchen faucet or replacing an old one, selecting the perfect product is pivotal. You’ll want to ensure that it not only complements your decor and has the right features but also boasts longevity while staying within your budget.

Among the top recommendations for high-quality faucets, two prominent names you’ll often encounter are Moen and Delta.

However, without experience in the faucet industry, selecting the ideal one for your needs can be perplexing.

Therefore, in this article, I will be conducting a thorough comparison between these two companies, examining all their features, to assist you in making an informed decision about the best choice for you.

Moen vs. Delta: Quick Overview

Moen vs. Delta Quick Overview
Source: Canva

While both Moen and Delta are recognized leaders in the faucet industry, the distinctions between these brands may only be sometimes evident.

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Here’s a high-level overview of how these two stack up against each other:

  • Design: Moen leans towards a traditional/classic faucet design, while Delta embraces a more contemporary, sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • Price: Price can vary significantly depending on the model and features. Moen faucets are slightly more expensive than Delta.
  • Features: Moen and Delta compete in integrating cutting-edge technology into their touchless faucets. Delta offers slightly more advanced features with touchless activation and even Alexa-integrated voice commands. On the other hand, Moen boasts impressive features like MotionSense and Power Clean technology.
  • Durability: Moen faucets are often considered slightly more durable, justifying their higher price. However, Delta still manufactures high-quality products with good longevity.
  • Ease of Installation: Both types of faucets can be self-installed, but Delta is generally regarded as more user-friendly in terms of installation than Moen.
  • Number of Models: If you’re in the market for a new kitchen faucet, Moen offers nearly double the number of available models compared to Delta.
  • Warranty: Both companies offer generous warranties for their products, demonstrating their confidence in quality and longevity. Warranty terms can vary depending on the specific model and technology used.

Moen Overview

Moen Overview
Source: TechHive

Established in the plumbing industry in the 1930s, Moen has earned a trusted reputation for crafting top-tier faucets. It has become a household name synonymous with quality.

Moen is unafraid to embrace advanced technologies like MotionSense, enabling hands-free faucet operation. They also offer innovative features like Power Clean, delivering extra water pressure for tackling tough stains while washing dishes.

It provides a reasonable variety of finish options, although not all designs may align with every aesthetic preference. What sets them apart is their sturdy construction and flexible supply lines, making installation straightforward and ensuring overall reliability.

In addition, they can effectively withstand pressures of up to 1000 PSI without any problems whatsoever.

Yet, this reliability does come with a price tag, and budget-friendly choices are somewhat limited.

Moen offers a dependable and secure product that doesn’t compromise construction quality, ensuring a trustworthy product. However, its range of options and technologies is somewhat limited.

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Delta Overview

Delta Overview
Source: Delta Faucet

Despite not having as long a history as Moen, Delta has carved out a distinct niche in the plumbing market through consistent innovation and a willingness to embrace cutting-edge technologies.

While not as robust as Moen, their faucets are often constructed from durable metals, enhancing their longevity. However, this can also make them quite heavy, which may be a consideration during installation.

Delta stands out with its innovative technologies, such as VoiceIQ, which allows you to connect to Alexa technology, enabling hands-free faucet operation with voice commands. This technology even allows precise water dispensing based on your orders, ensuring accurate and touchless water usage.

However, the advanced technology employed by Delta does have the potential for malfunctions, making repairs and maintenance potentially more challenging and rendering them less reliable than Moen.

Aesthetically, Delta leans toward a modern and contemporary design, offering various models. If you’re looking for a specific and distinctive faucet appearance, Delta may be the better choice for you.

Due to their rigid supply lines, Delta faucets can be a little trickier. They will typically need professional assistance, which can increase your overall installation cost.

Moen vs. Delta: A Detailed Comparison

Moen vs. Delta A Detailed Comparison
Source: Canva

Now that you understand each brand’s key strengths, let’s delve into a more comprehensive comparison to help you determine which one aligns better with your particular requirements.

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1- Look and Design

Both companies strive to cater to a wide-ranging audience, resulting in some visual overlap in their product offerings. However, they each maintain their distinct design philosophy.

Moen embraces a traditional or classic design approach characterized by curves and intricate details. They often feature classic finishes like chrome or brushed bronze.Delta adopts a more modern and contemporary aesthetic, favouring straight lines and angular designs to create a sleek and refined appearance. Their finishes range includes matte black, stainless steel, and brushed metal.

2- Affordability

Moen is often perceived as slightly more expensive, attributed to its reputation for reliability and the use of high-quality materials. Consequently, Moen offers a smaller selection of budget-friendly faucets compared to Delta.While maintaining reliability and durability in its products, Delta has placed a greater emphasis on offering a more comprehensive range of affordable faucets within its lineup. This makes Delta a more compelling choice for budget-conscious consumers.

3- Technology and Features

While slightly less advanced in technology, Moen still offers notable features like the Reflex pulldown system, allowing precise water control, and their own MotionSense technology for hands-free operation.Delta’s offerings include Alexa integration, Touch20 for hands-free faucet operation, Diamond Seal technology for leak-proof performance and durability, and ShieldSpray, a water-efficient cleaning technology for dishes.

4- Durability and Reliability

Moen enjoys a particularly outstanding reputation for using high-quality materials and creating robust, long-lasting products. Its extensive history in the industry further bolsters this reputation.Delta is also formidable in terms of reliability, especially with its Diamond Seal technology. Their valve systems are renowned for their longevity and resistance to leaks.

5- Ease of Installation

Moen employs its Quick Mount installation system to facilitate quick and straightforward installation, minimizing the need for multiple tools. 

However, in some cases, professional consultation may be necessary if you need clarification on the installation process.

Delta, too, has invested in ensuring that customers can easily install their faucets. They provide comprehensive instructions and all the necessary hardware for DIY installation.

6- Range of Models

Moen offers a more extensive selection. They boast over 450 kitchen and 400 bathroom faucet models in their lineup. 

Although this vast array of choices might seem overwhelming, you’ll likely find it easier to select once you refine your preferences.

Delta, on the other hand, offers a slightly smaller range, with around 225 kitchen faucets and over 400 bathroom faucets in their lineup. 

7- Warranty and Customer Service

Both companies provide generous limited lifetime warranties, as long as the installation has been executed correctly and you are the original owner. They are committed to assisting you with a replacement in case of any breakage.

However, it’s important to note that this warranty may not cover specific electronic components used in their technological features. Therefore, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research before finalizing your purchase.

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Moen vs. Delta: Which Brand is Your Best Choice?

Ultimately, the choice between these two companies depends on your preferences, aesthetic preferences, and the technology you desire in your faucet.

If you prefer a classic, reliable, and less technologically advanced faucet, Moen is an excellent choice due to its solid construction and traditional designs.

On the other hand, Delta is the better option if you seek a modern design with cutting-edge technologies like Alexa integration.

Both companies offer reliability, ease of installation, and generous limited warranties.

Final Thoughts

In the battle of Moen vs. Delta, both plumbing giants offer a wide range of faucets to cater to diverse preferences. With its decades-long reputation, Moen provides reliable and technologically advanced options, albeit at a slightly higher price point.

Delta, while newer, embraces innovation with features like Alexa integration and Touch20 technology, catering to modern design preferences. Your choice ultimately depends on your individual needs, style preferences, and desired level of technology, with both companies ensuring reliable products, ease of installation, and generous warranties.

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