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Accessing Court TV on DIRECTV: Find the Channel

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy diving into the world of true crime, investigations, and court proceedings. And one channel that has been a go-to for such thrilling content is Court TV. But when I recently switched to DIRECTV, I found myself wondering, “What channel is Court TV on DIRECTV?” If you’ve been grappling with the question, fear not! I’ve taken it upon myself to dig deep into the subject and now I’m ready to unveil what I’ve uncovered just for you!

After spending hours scouring through DIRECTV’s channel lineups, user forums, and news articles, I finally got to the bottom of it. So, get ready for the big reveal. Unfortunately, Court TV itself is not available on DIRECTV. The previous version of Court TV, now known as TruTV, is nevertheless accessible in all regions and channel bundles on channel 246. So, if you’re a fan of the classic Court TV content, you can still enjoy it on TruTV through your DIRECTV connection.

What Is Court TV?

What Is Court TV?
source: deadline.com

Court TV is a cable network that showcases legal and crime programming, originally launched in 1991, rebranded as TruTV in 2008, and relaunched in 2019 under the ownership of Katz Broadcasting.

Why should you Watch Court TV?

  • Court TV provides live coverage of intriguing trials and legal cases, featuring expert analysis and giving you a front-row seat to important legal proceedings.
  • Court TV offers insightful reporting and analysis, deepening your understanding of legal issues, procedures, and the societal impact of the trials and cases covered.
  • Court TV presents a diverse lineup of programming, encompassing criminal trials, civil cases, and legal analysis, catering to diverse interests including high-profile criminal trials, groundbreaking civil cases, and insightful legal analysis for all.
  • Court TV offers an enriching educational experience, allowing you to delve into the legal system, the judicial process, and the intricacies of trials and legal cases. It serves as a valuable resource for students, legal professionals, and anyone interested in the law.
  • Court TV grants access to a team of legal experts who offer analysis and commentary on the trials and legal cases featured, providing valuable insights and an opportunity to learn from their expertise.

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What channel is Court TV on DIRECTV?

Channel NumberNetwork
246Court TV HD

How to Watch Court TV?

How to Watch Court TV?
source: tubitv.com

Digital TV Antenna: A new Gateway to Watching Court TV

Court TV enthusiasts! If you’re craving the latest Court TV experience, there’s still a way to get your fix. The current Court TV, which started in 2019 as a digital broadcast channel, is only available through TV antennas. So, if you have a digital TV antenna connected to your TV, you can tune in to Court TV’s fascinating programming.

Free Streaming Options By Court TV

In addition to antennas, Court TV offers free streaming options for your convenience. You can catch Court TV’s 24/7 live stream on YouTube or visit their website for the same experience, complete with ads. If you’re always on the go, you’ll be thrilled to know that Court TV also has a free app. Not only can you stream the channel, but you can also read articles on ongoing court proceedings and other court-related happenings. The Court TV app is available for download on all major mobile and smart TV platforms, giving you access to their riveting content wherever you are.

How to Subscribe to Court TV on Direct TV?

Subscribing to Court TV on DirecTV is quick and easy. Here’s how:

  • Call DirecTV customer service at 1-800-531-5000 or visit their website.
  • Speak with a representative or log in to your account.
  • Add Court TV to your programming package by following the instructions.
  • Enjoy the captivating live trials and legal programming Court TV has to offer.

Popular Shows on Court TV

Popular Shows on Court TV
source: detroitnews.com

Now, let’s talk about some of the popular shows you can find on Court TV.

NYPD BlueLegendary police drama series following the lives of NYPD detectives, tackling complex cases and personal struggles.
Forensic FilesInvestigative series showcasing real-life forensic science techniques used to solve intriguing criminal cases.
Crime StoriesEngaging series delving into high-profile criminal cases, exploring the details, investigations, and legal proceedings.
The InvestigatorsRiveting show that takes viewers behind the scenes of real investigations, unraveling the tactics used by skilled detectives.
Psychic DetectivesFascinating series highlighting cases where psychic mediums have played a role in assisting with investigations and solving crimes.


If you want to keep track of when your favorite shows are airing, be sure to check the schedule in the channel guide and set a reminder, so you never miss an episode.

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Court TV Replacement Channels

But what if you’re looking for more channels with similar true crime content? DIRECTV has got you covered! Channels like A&E, True Crime Network, Investigation Discovery, and HLN offer engaging programming that will satisfy your craving for suspenseful storytelling. Make sure to contact DIRECTV to find out if your current channel package includes these thrilling channels.

Final Remarks:

Whether you’re interested in criminal trials, civil cases, or legal analysis, Court TV offers a diverse range of content to keep you engaged and informed. Don’t miss out on the thrilling world of Court TV—find today and embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of trials and legal proceedings.


Q: Is Court TV a Local Channel?

A: Court TV is a local channel that you can only access if your TV is connected to an over-the-air antenna. If your TV antenna is properly set up, you can view the station for free.

Q: Where Can I Watch Court TV for Free?

A: Court TV is available as a free streaming service on YouTube and the Court TV website. You can also stream the channel through the Court TV app for free after downloading the app.

Q: How much does Court TV Cost?

A: Court TV is an over-the-air channel that’s completely free to watch. Connect a TV antenna to your TV and run a channel scan to find the Court TV channel if it’s available in your area.

Q: Does Netflix have Court TV?

A: Unfortunately, Netflix does not have the rights or licenses to stream any programming from Court TV in their current lineup. There may be a possibility of Court TV programming being available on Netflix in the future, but as of now, it’s not available.

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