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What Channel is CBSS on DIRECTV TV? Guide to Finding CBSS


Are you a DirecTV subscriber searching for the channel number to watch CBS? It can be quite a challenge to locate the right channel, as it varies depending on your location. In this comprehensive guide, we have conducted extensive research to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive information on where to find CBS on DirecTV. Say goodbye to channel-hunting frustrations and get ready to enjoy your favorite CBS shows hassle-free.

CBS Channel Numbers on DirecTV

CBS is typically available on Channel 390 and 391 for most DirecTV customers. However, the channel placement may differ based on your location. While CBS is often one of the first channels on the dial as a broadcast channel, this is not always the case. To help you navigate through the channel lineup, we have examined the channel lineups of the top 100 largest zip codes and cities in America, ensuring you have the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide available online.

CBS Directv Channel List

Birmingham42Baltimore13Little Rock11
St. Louis28Minneapolis52Los Angeles5
Charlotte25Omaha58San Diego2
Albuquerque32Las Vegas60Bakersfield3
San Francisco12New York65Columbus19
Sacramento11Colorado    Springs33Oklahoma City31
Portland46Washington DC21Philadelphia23
San Antonio3Miami36El Paso17
Brownsville4,32Fort Worth45Honolulu12
Norfolk4Kansas City78Louisville6
Boston4New Orleans28Seattle7

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What Channel is CBSS on DIRECTV TV
Source: cbs.com

CBS on DirecTV in Texas and Florida

In Texas, the channel number for CBS on DirecTV varies across cities. For El Paso and Brownsville, it is Channel 4, while Dallas and Houston viewers can find CBS on Channel 11. San Antonio residents can tune in to Channel 5, and in Austin, CBS is available on Channel 42. Additionally, channels 390 and 391 are always an option for watching CBS in these cities.

In Florida, the channel placement for CBS is more complex, with different channels assigned to major cities. For instance, CBS is on Channel 47 in Jacksonville but can be found on Channel 4 in Miami. To find the correct CBS channel in your city in Florida, refer to the list below for a comprehensive overview:

Jacksonville: Channel 47
Fort Worth: Channel 11
Miami: Channel 4
Tampa: Channel 10
Orlando: Channel 6

CBS Channels in Southern California

Los Angeles, being a major city in Southern California, has CBS on Channel 2. This channel is not only designated for LA but also for neighboring cities like Bell Gardens, Fontana, Hawthorne, Long Beach, Sylmar, and Santa Ana. For San Diego and nearby areas such as Escondido and Oceanside, CBS is available on Channel 8.

CBS Channels in Northern California

In Northern California, San Francisco serves as the equivalent of Los Angeles. In this region, CBS is found on Channel 5, which is also the correct channel for cities like Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, and San Jose. Additionally, other major cities in California have their own CBS channels: Channel 29 in Bakersfield, Channel 47 in Fresno, and Channel 13 in Sacramento.

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Other CBS Channel Numbers on DirecTV

In the rest of the country, the most common channels for CBS on DirecTV are 3, 4, 5, 9, and 13. Channel 4 is particularly popular, serving as the CBS channel in cities such as Denver, Louisville, New Orleans, Boston, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

Channel 3 is designated for CBS in cities like Norfolk, Charlotte, Omaha, Philadelphia, and Memphis. If you reside in Phoenix, Kansas City, or Nashville, tune in to Channel 5 for CBS programming. Notably, Channel 5 holds special significance in Kansas City as KCTV, a superstation featuring a higher percentage of local content compared to most CBS affiliates.

For residents of Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, and Honolulu, the correct DirecTV CBS channel is Channel 9.

Alternative CBS Channels in Major U.S. Cities

Certain significant American cities have unique CBS channel numbers that differ from the norm. Here are a few examples:

Atlanta: Channel 46
Detroit: Channel 62
Birmingham: Channel 42

Additionally, there are globally recognized cities that have specific CBS channel numbers distinct from those we have previously researched. The following cities and their corresponding CBS channels are listed below:

Chicago: Channel 2
New York: Channel 2
Portland: Channel 6
Seattle: Channel 7
Las Vegas: Channel 8
Baltimore: Channel 13

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We have invested substantial effort in creating this guide to assist you in finding the correct CBS channel on your DirecTV service. Remember, if you prefer a simple option without the need for extensive channel hunting, you can always tune in to Channel 390 or 391 to watch CBS.

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Finding the right CBS channel on DirecTV can be a bit of a challenge, as it varies depending on your location. However, we have compiled a comprehensive list of CBS channels across major cities in the United States to make it easier for you to find the right channel. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, or any other city, you can refer to our guide to locate the CBS channel on DirecTV. Additionally, if you prefer a more budget-friendly alternative, consider switching to Sling TV, which offers low rates and allows you to customize your channel selection. With this information at your fingertips, you can now enjoy your favorite CBS shows and programs with ease.

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