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32-inch TV Dimensions: Unveiling Sizes, Specs & Secrets

Have you ever wondered how TV dimensions work? It’s more complex than it may seem. The size of a TV does not solely refer to its physical dimensions. Instead, it’s a measurement of the diagonal length of the screen. The process of understanding 32-inch TV dimensions is quite essential, especially when you’re planning to purchase one.

Why Choose a 32-Inch TV?

32-Inch TV
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A television with a 32-inch screen offers a great combination of display size and flexibility. A television with a 32-inch screen offers a great combination of display size and flexibility. They’re suitable for small to medium-sized rooms, making them ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, or even small living rooms. 

Because of their compact size, they can be effortlessly set up and positioned in multiple ways.  I hope you are now comfortable with the topic, so, Let’s dive further into the details! Firstly, Have a look at the 32-TV dimensions of different brands:

BrandModelDimensions (With Stand)Dimensions (Without Stand)Year
Toshiba32V35MP28.58 inch x 18.07 inch x 7.32 inch28.58 inch x 16.93 inch x 3.27 inch2023
Hisense32A4000H28.23 inch x 18.78 inch x 7.28 inch28.23 inch x 16.85 inch x 3.39 inch2023
Hisense32A4KAU28.58 inch x 18.86 inch x 7.32 inch28.58 inch x 16.93 inch x 3.35 inch2023
TCL32S5400A28.15 inch x 18.43 inch x 7.09 inch28.15 inch x 16.57 inch x 3.15 inch2023
CompaqCQW32HDNS28.26 inch x 19.77 inch x 3.23 inch28.26 inch x 16.62 inch x 3.23 inch2022
Hisense32A4000G28.23 inch x 18.46 inch x 6.30 inch28.23 inch x 16.81 inch x 3.39 inch2022
WestinghouseWH32SP1728.94 inch x 18.90 inch x 8.27 inch28.94 inch x 17.32 inch x 4.33 inch2022
Blaupunkt32CSA710128.94 inch x 17.32 inch x 4.33 inch28.94 inch x 16.69 inch x 3.05 inch2021
Thomson32PATH001128.94 inch x 17.32 inch x 4.33 inch28.94 inch x 16.69 inch x 3.05 inch2020
Thomson32PATH0011BL28.94 inch x 17.32 inch x 4.33 inch28.94 inch x 16.69 inch x 3.05 inch2020
Kodak32HDX7XPRO28.58 inch x 18.86 inch x 7.32 inch28.58 inch x 16.93 inch x 3.35 inch2020
TCL32S355-CA28.80 inch x 18.90 inch x 7.10 inch28.80 inch x 17.20 inch x 2.90 inch2022
Nokia32HDADMVVEE28.43 inch x 18.90 inch x 6.89 inch28.43 inch x 16.93 inch x 3.43 inch2022
HaierLE32K7700GA28.35 inch x 18.35 inch x 7.09 inch28.35 inch x 16.69 inch x 2.52 inch2022
DaiwaD32SM9A34.65 inch x 21.85 inch x 7.56 inch34.84 inch x 20.08 inch x 3.15 inch2022

Understanding 32 Inch TV Dimensions

Actual Dimensions of a 32-inch TV

The dimensions of a 32-inch TV can differ according to the aspect ratio used. In the case of a 16:9 aspect ratio, the TV is around 28 inches wide and 15.7 inches high. These dimensions are for the screen and don’t account for bezels or casings.


Mounting Dimensions

If you’re considering mounting your 32-inch TV on the wall, you’ll also need to consider the VESA size. VESA, which stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, is responsible for setting the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes at the back of a television. 

For most 32-inch TVs, the VESA size is typically 200 x 200mm or 100 x 100mm. It’s always best to check the exact specifications of your TV model to ensure you have the correct mount size.

Dimensions with Stand and Bezel

Most modern TVs come with a slim bezel or casing around the screen. For a 32-inch TV, the casing typically adds an inch or two to the width and height, making the total size about 30 inches wide and 17.7 inches high.

 The stand also plays a part in the overall dimensions. Stands can add several inches to the height, and the width of the base varies but is typically not wider than the TV itself. For most 32-inch TVs with a stand, the total dimensions are 30 inches wide and 19.7 inches high.

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Viewing Distance:

tv Viewing Distance
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The viewing distance is the space between your TV and where you sit to watch it. For a 32-inch TV, experts recommend a distance of 1.3 to 1.5 meters (4.5 to 5 feet), which reduces eye strain and ensures a pleasant viewing experience.

 Higher-resolution TVs allow you to sit closer without seeing pixelated images, but for most 32-inch TVs with 1080p resolution, the difference between HD and 4K is minimal and not easily noticeable.

Viewing Angle:

The viewing angle refers to how far to the side you can move from the TV without the picture becoming blurry or dark. A typical 32-inch TV has a viewing angle of around 30 degrees. OLED TVs offer the widest viewing angles, but they are less common in this size. An LED TV is recommended for the best choice due to its bright display and improved contrast compared to an LCD TV.

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Screen Size vs. Physical Size

Screen Size vs. Physical Size
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When we talk about a 32-inch TV, we’re referring to the screen size, not the TV’s physical size. When discussing TV size, the “diagonal distance” refers to the measurement from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. It’s worth noting that the physical dimensions of a 32-inch TV may differ depending on factors such as bezel size and screen aspect ratio.

Aspect Ratio and Display Size

TV aspect ratio means the ratio of width to height. 16:9 is the most standard aspect ratio for HDTVs, including 32-inch TVs. To describe the size of a TV, we typically use the diagonal measurement from one corner to the opposite corner. For example, a TV that measures 32 inches diagonally across would be referred to as a 32-inch TV.


Understanding 32-inch TV dimensions can help you optimize your viewing experience, ensure that the TV fits your space perfectly, and maintain comfortable viewing distances. Always remember that the stated TV size refers to the diagonal screen size, not the overall physical size of the unit. We hope this comprehensive guide on 32-inch TV dimensions will assist you in your next TV purchase. Happy viewing!


Q: What does it mean when a TV is 32 inches?

A: When a TV is referred to as 32 inches, it means the screen’s diagonal length (from one corner to the other) measures 32 inches.

Q: Does a 32-inch TV’s dimensions include the frame?

A: No, a TV’s dimensions refer only to the screen size, not the frame or bezel around it.

Q: What is the ideal viewing distance for a 32-inch TV?

A: The best viewing distance 

Q: Does aspect ratio affect TV dimensions?

A: for a 32-inch TV is approximately 4 feet (1.22 meters).

Q: Does aspect ratio affect TV dimensions?

A: Yes, aspect ratio significantly affects the width and height of the TV screen, thus influencing the overall dimensions.

Q: Can I wall-mount a 32-inch TV?

A:Yes, you can wall-mount a 32-inch TV. However, it’s essential to have the correct mounting bracket that matches your TV’s width and height.

Q: What is the best room size for a 32-inch TV?

A: For a 32-inch TV, the best room size would be small to medium-sized rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchens, dorms, or trailers. It is suitable for spaces where the viewing distance can be around 6 to 9 feet, providing an optimal viewing experience.

Q: How to Measure a TV’s Diagonal Measurement?

A: To measure a TV, you take a tape measure and measure the screen diagonally from corner to corner. It’s important not to include the bezel (or frame) in this measurement.

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