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55-Inch TV Dimensions: An Ultimate Guide

If you’re in the market for a new TV, size matters! Dimensions matter! You might be thinking, Why? Here, we’ve got you covered with the most satisfying answer!

The dimensions of a TV play a significant role in determining its suitability for your home. A 55-inch TV might seem perfect, but its physical size can vary between different models. Knowing the dimensions will help you decide whether it fits on your TV stand, wall mount, or entertainment center. Additionally, considering the depth is essential to place the TV on a shelf or in a tight space.

A 55-inch TV has become popular among consumers due to its ideal balance between screen real estate and room fit. Check out 55-inch TV dimensions, exploring everything you need to know before purchasing. Whether you’re looking for the perfect TV for your living room or upgrading your home theater, understanding the dimensions and choosing the suitable TV will make all the difference.

Detailed information about the dimensions of 55-inch TV Models:

dimensions of 55-inch TV Models
Source: freepik.com
TV ModelWidth (With Stand)Height (With Stand)Depth (With Stand)Width (Without Stand)Height (Without Stand)Depth (Without Stand)
Amazon Fire TV 4-Series48.7 inch28.3 inch3.5 inch
TCL 55S42548.43 inch30.59 inch12.32 inch48.43 inch28.19 inch3.07 inch
VIZIO V-Series49.06 inch10.24 inch30.87 inch48.30 inch27.80 inch1.80 inch
Hisense 55U7KAU48.43 inch30.59 inch12.32 inch48.43 inch28.19 inch3.07 inch
TCL 55P74548.27 inch29.76 inch11.34 inch48.27 inch27.99 inch3.19 inch
TCL 55C74548.19 inch30.31 inch12.40 inch48.19 inch27.95 inch2.76 inch
TCL 55S450R-CA48.30 inch29.80 inch10.10 inch48.30 inch28.00 inch3.20 inch
TCL 55Q650G-CA48.30 inch29.90 inch10.40 inch48.30 inch28.00 inch3.20 inch
TCL 55Q750G-CA48.20 inch30.20 inch13.50 inch48.20 inch28.00 inch2.80 inch
TCL 55C645K48.23 inch30.35 inch12.44 inch48.23 inch28.03 inch3.27 inch
TCL 55C745K48.23 inch30.35 inch12.44 inch48.23 inch27.99 inch2.76 inch
TCL 55C845K48.28 inch31.05 inch11.02 inch48.28 inch27.69 inch2.69 inch
TCL 55C64548.23 inch29.06 inch13.58 inch48.23 inch28.03 inch2.09 inch
TCL 55C635K48.31 inch30.31 inch11.93 inch48.31 inch27.99 inch3.19 inch
LG OLED55B3AUA48.43 inch30.39 inch8.90 inch48.43 inch28.03 inch3.39 inch
LG 55QNED80ARA48.70 inch28.20 inch1.20 inch48.70 inch28.20 inch1.20 inch
Samsung QA55Q60CAKLXL48.51 inch29.37 inch8.82 inch48.51 inch27.89 inch1.01 inch

Understanding 55-Inch TV Dimensions

55-Inch TV Dimensions
Source: freepik.com

A 55-inch TV, as the name suggests, measures 55 inches diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner of the screen. However, to fully understand the TV’s dimensions and how it will fit into your space, we need to explore more than just the diagonal measurement.

  • Screen Size and Diagonal Measurement

The screen size is represented by the diagonal measurement in inches. A 55-inch TV has a screen measuring 55 inches from one corner to the opposite. This diagonal measurement includes the actual visible screen area.

  • Width of the TV

The width of a 55-inch TV can vary slightly among different models and brands. On average, a 55-inch TV will have a width of approximately 48.5 inches (123.2 cm). However, it’s essential to check the specifications of the specific model you’re interested in, as this dimension can vary.

  • Height of the TV

The height of a 55-inch TV is typically around 27.3 inches (69.3 cm). This dimension is vital if you plan to mount the TV on the wall or have limited vertical space in your entertainment area.

  • Depth of the TV

The depth of a 55-inch TV is measured from the front of the screen to the back of the TV. On average, it ranges from 2.4 to 3.5 inches (6.1 to 8.9 cm). Considering the depth is crucial, especially if you plan to mount the TV on the wall, as it determines how flush the TV will sit.

  • Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a TV determines the screen’s shape. For a 55-inch TV, the most common aspect ratio is 16:9, which is also known as widescreen. The aspect ratio of 16:9 provides a screen that is 16 units wide for every 9 units in height, which is perfect for viewing high-definition content without any black bars at the top or bottom of the display.

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How to Measure Your Space for a 55-Inch TV ?

It’s essential to measure your living room or entertainment area before buying a 55-inch TV to ensure a perfect fit. Here’s how to do it:

  • Measure the Wall Space

If you plan to mount the TV on the wall, measure the available wall space. Ensure that the TV’s width and height fit comfortably within the designated area.

  • TV Stand or Cabinet

If you’ll place the TV on a stand or cabinet, measure the furniture’s width, depth, and height. Then, ensure the TV’s dimensions will fit on the stand without any overhang.

  • Allow for Ventilation

Ensure that the TV has enough space around it for proper ventilation. Overheating can affect performance and lead to potential issues in the long run.

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Q: Are all 55-inch TVs the Same Size?

A. While the screen size (diagonal measurement) is the same, the overall dimensions, including width, height, and depth, can vary slightly among different models and brands.

Q: Can I Mount a 55-inch TV on the Wall?

A. Yes, most 55-inch TVs are wall-mountable. However, ensure that you use a compatible wall mount and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe installation.

Q: What’s the Ideal Viewing Distance for a 55-inch TV?

A. The optimal distance to view a 55-inch TV is typically between 7 and 12 feet to ensure a captivating viewing experience without causing eye strain.

Q: How much Smaller is a 55-inch TV vs. a 65-inch TV?

A. The difference between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV is only 2 inches in height and around 8 inches in width, resulting in approximately 10 inches diagonally.

Q: Are 55-inch TVs a Good Choice for a Small Room?

A. Absolutely! Opting for a 55-inch TV in a small bedroom proves to be a fantastic decision due to its excellent value for money and ability to complement the limited space gracefully. Whether wall-mounted or placed on a desk or TV stand, these TVs occupy minimal space, making them ideal for most small to medium-sized rooms.


A 55-inch TV offers an ideal combination of screen size, picture quality, and room fit, making it a popular choice for various entertainment setups. Before purchasing, consider the TV’s dimensions, measure your space, and explore the features that match your preferences. By understanding the 55-inch TV dimensions and what to look for in a TV, you’ll be well-equipped to decide on and choose the perfect TV for your needs.

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