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Spectrum TV’s Lifetime Channel: Your Ticket to Entertainment

Lifetime is a popular entertainment channel with a wide range of programming, including movies, dramas, reality TV shows, and documentaries. 

It is a part of the A&E Networks family of channels, including A&E, History, and FYI.

If you’re a Spectrum TV subscriber and searching for the channel number of Lifetime, look no further. 

In this detailed article, we will provide you with all the information you need to locate Lifetime on your Spectrum TV lineup. 

Whether you want to catch up on your favorite shows or explore new content, we’ve got you covered.

What Channel Is Lifetime On Spectrum TV?

Here is a list to find the Lifetime channel on Spectrum TV.

Location (USA)Channel No:
Los Angeles.Channel 47, 170.
New York.Channel 62, 170
Corpus ChristiChannel 52, 170
AnaheimChannel 59, 170
El PasoChannel 49, 170
LexingtonChannel 29, 121, 985
Long BeachChannel 34, 754
RenoChannel 28, 738
AustinChannel 26, 170
CharlotteChannel 31, 170
MontgomeryChannel 18, 738
IndianapolisChannel 29, 213, 1213
DallasChannel 39, 742
RaleighChannel 33, 170
Cleveland.Channel 27, 211, 1211.
Albany.Channel 30, 170.
Milwaukee.Channel 36, 211, 1211.
Buffalo.Channel 28, 170.
Kansas City.Channel 51, 170.


Here is another way to find Lifetime on Spectrum TV.

Finding Lifetime Channel:

1: On-Screen Guide:

The easiest way to find channels is by using the on-screen guide provided by your Spectrum cable box or remote control.

  • Press the “Guide” button on your remote control.
  • Navigate through the guide using arrow keys or page buttons until you reach the alphabetical list of channels.

2: Channel Directory/Printed Guide:

Spectrum provides a printed channel directory that lists all available channels in numerical order and their corresponding network names.

  • Check if you have a physical copy of this directory handy; otherwise, visit the official Spectrum website for an online version.

3: Online Channel Finder Tool:

To quickly find specific channels like Lifetime without scrolling through lengthy lists manually, you can use ‘Channel Finder Tools’ offered by various websites & apps.

These tools often help search based on zip code&service provider details, & provide accurate results within seconds.

4: Spectrum Website/Apps/Resources:

Visit spectrum.net (official website) or download relevant apps such as MySpectrum App and Spectrum TV App from respective app stores.

They usually offer interactive program guides/search functionality where entering “Lifetime” will display appropriate channel info based on service area.

5: Customer Service Assistance:

If none of these options work or if you require immediate assistance, you can contact Spectrum Customer Service (via phone/chat) and ask for the specific channel number of Lifetime in your area.

An Overview Of Lifetime Channel:

Overview Of Lifetime Channel

The Lifetime Channel is a popular American cable and satellite television network known for its diverse programming catering primarily to women. 

Here’s an explanation of what the Lifetime Channel offers:

1: Content:

The channel provides a wide range of content, including original movies, scripted dramas, reality shows, and docuseries.

2: Target Audience:

While Lifetime’s programming appeals to a broad audience, it specifically targets women with offerings that cover topics such as relationships, empowerment, career challenges, family dynamics, and personal growth.

3: Original Movies:

Lifetime is renowned for its original movies that explore various themes like romance, suspense, drama,& true stories.

These films often tackle social issues or showcase inspiring narratives.

4: Scripted Dramas:

The channel airs scripted dramas that engage viewers with captivating storylines and complex characters across genres like crime/mystery, suspense-thrillers, and emotional family sagas.

5: Reality Shows & Docuseries:

Complementing their fictional content, Lifetime features reality shows & docuseries, which provide glimpses into real-life situations, career pursuits, talents,& transformations.

This includes fashion competitions, dance competitions, true crime investigations, & relationship-focused series.

6: Women-Centric Programming:

With an emphasis on female-driven storytelling, Lifetime showcases strong female protagonists, giving voice to women’s experiences, promoting diversity, and addressing relevant social issues affecting women today.

It aims to entertain, inform, and empower its predominantly female audience.

7: Viewer Engagement:

Lifetime encourages viewer engagement through interactive elements, such as live voting during certain shows or online discussion forums where viewers can share opinions & join conversations about their favorite programs.

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Popular Shows On Lifetime Channel:

Here are some of the well-known and beloved shows that were featured on Lifetime:

  • Project Runway“:
Project Runway
Source: rottentomatoes.com

A reality competition series that focuses on fashion designers as they compete in various challenges to create innovative and stylish clothing.

The show has been a huge success and has had multiple seasons.

  • Dance Moms“:
Dance Moms
Source: rottentomatoes.com

A reality series that follows young dancers and their ambitious mothers as they navigate the competitive dance world.

The show gained a dedicated fan base for its drama and talented performances.

  • UnReal“:
Source: rottentomatoes.com

This scripted drama series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a fictional dating reality show.

It delves into the manipulative tactics used by the producers to create drama and tension among the contestants.

  • Drop Dead Diva“:
Drop Dead Diva
Source: rottentomatoes.com

A comedy-drama that tells the story of a shallow model who dies in a car accident and finds her soul transferred into the body of a brilliant but overweight attorney.

The show explores themes of self-discovery and personal growth.

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  • Army Wives“:
Army Wives-what channel is lifetime on spectrum tv
Source: rottentomatoes.com

This drama series follows the lives of a group of women living on an Army base, highlighting the challenges and sacrifices they face as they support their military spouses.

  • The Client List“:
The Client List-what channel is lifetime on spectrum tv
Source: rottentomatoes.com

A drama series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a single mother who takes a job at a spa and discovers that the business provides additional services to its clients.

She then becomes a “massage therapist” with a secret.

  • Devious Maids“:
Devious Maids-what channel is lifetime on spectrum tv
Source: rottentomatoes.com

A mystery-comedy series that revolves around four Latina maids who work for wealthy families in Beverly Hills.

The show uncovers various secrets and scandals among their employers.

  • Little Women” Franchise”:
Little Women-what channel is lifetime on spectrum tv
Source: rottentomatoes.com

Lifetime aired several reality shows based on the “Little Women” franchise, which follows the lives of women with dwarfism, showcasing their personal and professional challenges.

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  • Witches of East End“:
Witches of East End
Source: rottentomatoes.com

A supernatural drama series about a family of immortal witches living in the secluded town of East End.

The show combines fantasy, romance, and mystery.


Q. Which Plans Offer Lifetime On Spectrum?

A. Lifetime is included in all three Spectrum TV packages: Select, Silver, and Gold. So, you can access Lifetime programming no matter which plan you choose. 

Moreover, Spectrum TV Essentials, a low-cost streaming service offered by Spectrum, also includes Lifetime.

Q. What Does “Lifetime Real Women” Have To Offer?

A. Lifetime Real Women is a sister channel of Lifetime that focuses on programming for women. 

It offers a variety of original series, movies, and documentaries that cover topics such as relationships, health, and self-improvement. 

The channel also features programming from other networks, including Oxygen and WE TV. 

Overall, Lifetime Real Women provides a diverse range of entertaining and informative content tailored to women’s interests.

Q. Does The Channel Number For Lifetime Vary Based On The Cable Package I Have With Spectrum?

A. Yes, the channel number for Lifetime on Spectrum TV may vary based on your specific cable package. 

Different cable packages offer different channel lineups, so the channel number for Lifetime may differ depending on the package you subscribe to.

In The End:

Finding the channel number for Lifetime on Spectrum TV is made easier with various methods such as using the on-screen guide, referring to a printed directory, utilizing online tools or resources provided by Spectrum, and seeking assistance from customer service. 

Remember that channel numbers may vary based on your location and package subscription.

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