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22 Unique Beach Vacation Nail Designs for Summer Fun

Are you entertaining the thought of a delightful escapade to a far-flung destination in the not-too-distant future and want to spice up your nails with some fun and trendy designs? If so, you are in the right place! In this post, I will show you 22 vacation nail designs that will make your nails look amazing and match your vacation vibe. Whether you are going to a beach, a city, or a mountain, there is nail art for you. You will also learn how to create these designs yourself or get them done at a salon. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

22 Best Vacation Nail Designs

1- Bright Abstracts by Jennifer X Lauren

Bright Abstracts by Jennifer X Lauren
Source: instagram.com/jenniferxlauren/

This innovative design evokes a whimsical and creative ambiance by incorporating a vibrant array of hues and patterns onto a pristine white backdrop. From exquisitely crafted contours to intricately woven shapes, the possibilities are endless, enabling you to customize your aesthetic in accordance with your individual tastes and emotions.

2- Beachy Inspo by Maja Markowicz

Beachy Inspo by Maja Markowicz
Source: instagram.com/majamarkowicz/

Imagine being transported to a tropical paradise with this breathtaking summer vacation nail design! The stunning beach landscape is adorned with swaying palm trees, refined grains of sand, and crystal-clear water that shimmers on a glittery ombre base. But why stop there? Make a statement with electric pink and blue hues to make your design pop! For that added touch of glamour, don’t forget to incorporate some dazzling rhinestones to give your creation that extra sparkle and shine!

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3- Rainbow Tips by Nail Sunny

Rainbow Tips by Nail Sunny
Source: instagram.com/nail_sunnyla/

This energetic and exuberant vacation nail design showcases a delightful explosion of rainbow hues adorning the very tips of your nails, resulting in a playful and joyous effect. Feel free to unleash your creativity by selecting any colors that tickle your fancy and customize their width to your heart’s content.

4- Watermelon Brights by Nail Art House

Watermelon Brights by Nail Art House
Source: instagram.com/_nail_art_house_/

Looking for a cute and fresh design that will make your nails pop? Look no further than this watermelon-inspired nail art! Featuring adorable watermelon slices on a vibrant green base, this design is sure to turn heads and add a fruity flair to your style.

To achieve this look, you’ll need three shades of polish: a juicy red, a vibrant green, and a deep black. Apply the green polish to your nails as the base, and then use the red to create the watermelon slices. Don’t forget to add some white dots for the seeds! With its burst of colors and playful pattern, this design is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their nails.

5- Tangerine Dreams by Melanie

Tangerine Dreams by Melanie
Source: pinterest.com

With its vibrant orange hue and dazzling gold accents, this one of the best vacation nail designs exudes warmth and radiance. You can incorporate orange polish and gilded foil or stickers into a simple yet sophisticated design to recreate this look.

Whether you seek to make a grand and daring statement or simply yearn for a touch of understated elegance, this design is perfect for any occasion. So why wait? Embrace the burst of energy that comes with this stunning color combination, and let your nails shine bright like the sun.

6- Shell Nails by Tiffany Abbigaile Beauty

Shell Nails by Tiffany Abbigaile Beauty
Source: tiffany-abbigaile-beauty.business.site

If you’re looking for a nail design that displays natural elegance, you might want to consider a delicate shell pattern on a nude base. Whether you opt for the real deal or prefer stickers, this design is sure to turn heads. And if you really want to take things up a notch, consider adding some pearls or rhinestones to make those shells pop genuinely!

7- Vacation Pineapple by Amanda Sudol

Vacation Pineapple by Amanda Sudol
Source: instagram.com/amanda.sudolll/

Are you Looking to add some tropical flair to your nails? Look no further than this delightful design featuring charming pineapples set against a vibrant yellow backdrop. With creativity, you can use yellow nail polish and strategically placed black dots to achieve the perfect pineapple effect.

And don’t forget the finishing touch: add some green leaves for a pop of verdant detail that will transport you straight to a sunny island paradise. Get ready to flaunt your sweet and sassy style with this fun and fruity nail art!

8- Abstract Waves by Nail Art House

Abstract Waves by Nail Art House
Source: nailarthouse.salon

This stunning nail art design boasts a mesmerizingly dynamic aesthetic, achieved by using wavy lines in an array of vivid colors that pop against a crisp, clean white base. Whether you’re feeling bold and adventurous or prefer a more subdued look, let your creativity soar with the versatility of this dynamic design by merely adjusting the thickness and spacing of the lines or experimenting with your favorite hues.

9- Vacation Pastels by Jennifer X Lauren

Vacation Pastels by Jennifer X Lauren
Source: pinterest.com

Transform your nails into a vibrant work of art with this stunning vacation nail design. The design comprises soft pastel colors in varied geometric shapes boldly positioned on a pristine white base. This chic and minimalist design provides a sense of sophistication and serenity.

Let your creativity run wild with this nail design by experimenting with different pastel shades and varying the size and shape of the geometric patterns to your liking. Whether you’re relaxing on a tropical beach or exploring a new city, this is one of the best vacation nail designs.

10- Ombre Blues by Bagabieva Nails

Ombre Blues by Bagabieva Nails
Source: instagram.com/bagabieva_nails/

Get ready to show off your cool and calm side with this sensational holiday nail design! With a gradient of soothing blue shades that transition from light to dark, this ombre effect will turn heads.

The best part? You can choose any combination of blue hues that tickle your fancy and seamlessly blend them for a perfect finish. Whether you are indulging in some poolside relaxation or soaking up the sun with a refreshing cocktail in hand, your nails will be the envy of all those around you.

11- Mermaid Vibes by πŠπ€π‘πŽπ‹πˆππ€ πŒπ„π‰π™π€

Mermaid Vibes by πŠπ€π‘πŽπ‹πˆππ€ πŒπ„π‰π™π€
Source: instagram.com/πŠπ€π‘πŽπ‹πˆππ€ πŒπ„π‰π™π€

This mesmerizing nail design for vacations will take your summer nail game to the next level! Bursting with teal and purple hues, this art is sure to make a statement. But that’s not all; the scale patterns and starfish decorations will transport you to a whimsical underwater paradise.

To achieve this look, start with a base coat of teal and purple polish. Next, use white polish or stickers to create the scale effect. Don’t be afraid to mix things up with a variety of scales, sizes, and placements! Finally, add some sequins or starfish stickers for extra detail. Trust me; your nails will look like a work of art!

12- Swirly Brights by The Nail Room Manchester

Swirly Brights by The Nail Room Manchester
Source: instagram.com/thenailroommanchester/

Create a bold and dynamic statement with this nail art design that boasts a festive and playful flair. The white base is artfully adorned with a mesmerizing display of colorful swirls that bring a sense of energy and excitement to your fingertips. Experiment with an array of hues and sizes to customize your look and make a statement that’s uniquely yours. Unleash your inner artist and allow your creativity to flow freely with this stunning and visually captivating nail art design!

13- Leafy Palms by Jennifer X Lauren

Leafy Palms by Jennifer X Lauren
Source: pinterest.com

This fabulous nail art design is perfect for your next tropical vacation. With a pristine white base, it features beautifully intricate green palm leaves that exude a fresh, summery vibe.

Whether you opt for a lively green polish or easy-to-apply stickers, the palm effect will make a statement. Add some striking gold accents for a pop of contrast to take this look to the next level. Get ready to flaunt your fabulous fingers and toes with this one of the best vacation nail designs!

14- Coffin-Shaped Vacation Nail Designs:

Coffin-Shaped Vacation Nail Designs-beach vacation nail designs
Source: pintrest.com

Exhibit your tropical style with this flamingo and palm tree nail design! This striking look is perfect for those who want to add a touch of exotic elegance to their style.

The coffin shape nail serves as the perfect canvas for this design, allowing the flamingo birds and palm trees to really pop. To create this look, try using a combination of pink and green polish or stickers to capture the essence of the tropics. If you crave a little extra bling, don’t hesitate to add some rhinestones or pearls for an extra touch of glamour.

15- Ombre Vacation Nails:

Ombre Vacation Nails-beach vacation nail designs
Source: pinterest.com

Indulge in summer-inspired nail art that exudes calming and dreamy vibes with a gradient of enchanting teal and purple hues adorned with shimmering sequins and starfish motifs.

Achieving this mesmerizing look is a breeze – blend teal and purple polishes seamlessly to achieve the coveted ombre effect. For an extra touch of elegance, incorporate a scale pattern using white polish or stickers that will leave onlookers in awe.

16- Beach Vacation Nail Art:

Beach Vacation Nail Art- beach vacation nail designs
Source: Pintrest.com

Indulge in a tropical getaway with this breathtaking vacation-inspired nail art that will transport you to the paradise of your dreams! The vivid and dynamic beach landscape, complete with sand, water, and sky, is expertly crafted on top of a glittery ombre base that will leave your nails shimmering like the sun.

To bring this design to life, make use of electric pink and blue polish along with a touch of white polish to add depth and contrast. If you seek an extra touch of glamour, why not add some rhinestones to bring a dazzling sparkle?

17- Vacation Acrylic Nails:

Vacation Acrylic Nails-beach vacation nail designs
Source: pinterest.com

Transform your nails into a serene oasis with this one of our list’s best vacation nail designs! This manicure exhibits natural beauty and understated elegance, featuring delicate bamboo leaves delicately arranged on a crisp white base.

Achieving this look is easy – simply adorn your nails with verdant green polish or opt for intricate stickers for a touch of texture. To add a pop of glamour and dimension to your nails, incorporate luxurious gold accents into your design.

Whether you are indulging in leisurely repose upon the sandy shores of a sun-kissed beach or delighting in the refreshment of tantalizing cocktails amidst the verdant oasis of a poolside paradise, this vacation nail design will elevate your summer style to new heights!

18- Vacation Gel Nails:

Vacation Gel Nails-beach vacation nail designs
Source: youtu.be/eLsOR4p03Es

Looking for a nail design that will make you feel like you’re watching a beautiful sunrise? Look no further than this stunning summer nail design, featuring a captivating blend of soothing teal and delicate pale pink colors. With just a few teal and pink polish swipes, you can achieve this mesmerizing effect and turn heads wherever you go.

And for extra sparkle, why not add dazzling gold foil or eye-catching stickers? Don’t settle for ordinary nails this summer – give your fingertips the burst of excitement they deserve with this stunning sunrise-inspired design!

19- Vacation Brights:

Vacation Brights-beach vacation nail designs
Source: pintrest.com

Get ready to turn heads with this vibrant and energetic nail art! Featuring a kaleidoscope of neon colors in various shapes and patterns, this design is guaranteed to make a bold statement. With this look, you have complete creative freedom – go as simple or complex as your heart desires, and let your personality shine through.

With its spurt of colors and intricate details, this beautiful nail art is the ultimate form of self-expression, enabling you to flaunt your unique individuality and leave a lasting impression.

20- Euphoria Nails

Euphoria Nails-beach vacation nail designs
Source: reddit.com/r/RedditLaqueristas

The wait for the next season of Euphoria may seem like an eternity (we’re talking years here!), but don’t despair because the gorgeous beauty looks that have taken the world by storm are not going anywhere. And now, it’s time for the nails to shine and get the attention they deserve.

So, why not take a cue from your favorite character and let your creativity run wild? We personally love the idea of channeling Maddy’s effortless poolside vibe with the fabulous nail design pictured above, but the possibilities are truly endless. So embrace your inner diva, and let your nails steal the show!

21- Minimalist Manicures

Minimalist Manicures-beach vacation nail designs
Source: pintrest.com

Are you ready to indulge in the hottest trend taking the internet by storm? It’s all about minimalist manicures that make a statement! The key is to use easy-application stickers, adorable designs, and soft, muted tones to create a simple and creative look. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner artist and try this DIY manicure. Alternatively, take this trend to your manicurist and watch as they bring your vision to life!

22- French Tips

French Tips-beach vacation nail designs
Source: thepinkbrunette.com

French manicures are back in style but don’t worry; this isn’t a flashback to 2005. This time around, the classic look has been given a colorful twist to let your personality shine through. Go ahead and get creative with swirls, shapes, or even mix-and-match colors to take it to the next level. Discover your individuality, and don’t hesitate to be a trendsetter and make a statement with this one of the best vacation nail designs!


I sincerely hope that this riveting post has sparked your creativity and given you a plethora of vacation nail ideas to explore when it comes to designing your nails for your upcoming trip.

With a vast array of styles and colors at your disposal, the possibilities for creating a truly unique and unforgettable look are endless. Open up your mind to new ideas and try out different combinations to find the perfect fit for you. Above all, remember to have fun and express yourself through your nail art.

If you happen to try out any of the designs we’ve highlighted today, please don’t hesitate to share them with me on Instagram or Pinterest. I am eager to marvel at your artistry and appreciate the beauty of your finished product. Thank you for giving this post your time and attention, and I hope you have a magnificent and unforgettable vacation!

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